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I love these two. READ them!


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WELL….what can I say about these boys? Its so weird to see them acting such cutie pies after their single Don Don. Showing another side of them in this ballad, they’re gonna make tweens, teens and ajummas swooning for them. I like the graphics for this MV…its pretty unique and cool. And why would they get an underage girl to marry them in this video?!!RIDICULOUS. Its like giving false hope to tweens & teens out there.

Seriously, if it wasn’t for the great graphics, I don’t think I’ll watch them!

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YEP. Its finally out! I’ve heard about this mv commercial for anyband anycall but work caught up with me. If it wasn’t for my friend I would still be in the dark !! This is definitely a whole new level in cf commercials. What more it has all my favourite singers in it. TABLO,Junsu and Boa. There’s the other girl but Im not very into her. I must comment on the fashion in this mv. VERY Sheek and rebellious looking. sugoi! Feels like something you wanna wear but can never looking good walking down the streets!

Tablo is looking very young in this video but we all know he’s already in his late twenties! Surprisingly that long hair..wig? I don’t know what you call that but I’ve sort of seen gackt wearing it at one of his concerts. But it suits Tablo. chic. Junsu looks very rebellious. Love is hair. That outfit that BOA wore while singing on the rooftop looks really short? With such HOO HAHS from the video…I can already see the sales of samsung phones going up!

Watch it!


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