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First off, I’ve been hanging around with MILAN alot. It’s like everytime I’m out with her I feel like I’m on a date with her or something. And we always end up either being stalked or honked at across streets. I feel like I’m her “protector” of some sort and it amuses me to great extent!! So this post is gonna show what we’ve been doing so far in aussie yeps. Apologies for the blurry pics! Took them at night.

SOUTH BANK where we had pre halloween date? lols. This was like so romanticto? as japs would say it. Eat your heart out guys who are going after milan. An impulse trip in the ferris wheel!



Can’t really compare to the singapore flyer but nevertheless it was great.


okies I wasn’t that scared although we pretty much got dizzy after 3 rounds in the ferris wheel.

Photobucket yep. we had fun.

SAMOSAS!!! okie, we’re so happy we made samosas during the weekend! LALALALALA!~~~

It looks good right? Well guess what? It tasted great too. We let our supervisors try them and they were shocked at our incredible ability to make them! Hey…we’ve got talent after all!

Photobucket Milan insisted on her heart shaped samosas!

AND….our supervisor invited us for deepavali. Ate at this indian restaurant. This was taken before we went out. Milan looked gawjus.
Photobucket                             Photobucket

okies. I’d better stop. CLICK here for nyp blog where filza has updated!


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Hey peeps! Sorry for not updating. Im at the ” kinda feeling depressed and I’d like to just procrastinate a little longer” stage but yeah, felt so much better after talking to the most influential person in my 19 years of life. My dearest mom…! 🙂

I’m beginning to really admire international students who leave behind their loved ones in pursuit of better education in foreign countries. It’s really not easy and I’m not talking about spoilt rich brats who recklessly squander away their parents’ fortunes. I’m talking about those who struggle so much to overcome innumerable difficulties such as poverty and discrimination to pave their own paths. It’s stories like these that make me count my blessings every day. It’s shocking how one only realizes how something is precious when he doesn’t have it.

I miss….

– my dearest family. Yesh, even my irritating brother who’s a pain in the ass sometimes but yea, deep down inside I know I love him. REAL DEEP DOWN.

– my dad’s and mom’s cooking!

– my comfortable room. I hope it’s the same as I left it since han has been hogging it.

– my friends whom I dun have many but still I truely treasure. chan su yin woman, jeanna, jona,the nyp gang meena/shu fung/wawa/amanda etc. And because I miss you guys so much I shall post pics of you! Happy admiring yourselves babes!

HEHEPhotobucket Photobucket



– amazingly, I miss my tuition kids too! yeah even shin who bit my finger before.


Okie. I wanna post other stuff that happened in the last few weeks too. I am sooooooooooooo counting down to the days when I’ll be returning back to singapore. SO, shall end off with an emo pic. and yes, I’m in my lab coat.:(


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