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I was actually looking forward to this song after all the hype between DBSK and KAT_TUN. DBSK/THSK new MV is ……..I think listening to it without looking at the mv is better. The mv is very distracting between flashes of black and white background. It sounds quite digitalized but catchy as the same time. I still feel weird listening to them sing in Japanese because I always felt they sing better in Korean. I think I like DBSK’s version of the Opening Theme for ONE PIECE better!!!!


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last scandal Pictures, Images and Photos

Just finished watching 16 episodes of THE LAST SCANDAL OF MY LIFE. It’s very underrated infact I thought it was actually one of the better Kdramas for 2008.

Initially I thought the story was like too far-stretched. An Ahjumma( old auntie) meets her first love 20 years later and finds that he is now a huge star with a different name. (Think GET KARL!OH SOO JUNG) Oh… how I enjoyed the twists and turns of the script which was quite cleverly written. After all they turned an unrealistic story line into something realistic? The drama cast portrays great chemistry on screen and even credits should be given to the young actors as well.

Catch it here!

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Caffeine Addict

Need a good laugh? Watch this video! THIS IS so cleverly made.

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OK, that was random. Someone said after  I cut my hair I  look like DORA THE EXPLORER!!!!!

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry`~ Anyway this is totally a random post because I’m free for the time being. FYP reports checked. Solid session reports checked. Burning CDs for passing up checked. Cover letter & Resume checked. So now I’m left with  applying for NUS but I doubt I can get in with my miserable results. But hey, at least it’s better than not trying where you can miss out an opportunity. I really hope I can get the job in school because I really wanna work 1 year first and save money for tuition fees instead of my parents forking out. Wahhhhhhhhhhh…I’m kinda scared that my dad would send me off to study first if I dun get the job.

And….I just realized that there’s a new channel called OKTO. I’m sooooooo outdated. I guess I haven’t been watching much TV. I’m always busy with god knows what. These few days I had like no inspiration or motivation. Are these withdrawal symptoms because poly life is coming to an end? Ahhhh….just the thought of it makes me feel old. It’s like everyone will be going separate paths and I wonder when we will cross paths again. Even before the official ending of school, I already feel walls between me and some of my friends because we have all somewhat drifted apart during the attachment and fyp period. SIGH! SIGH! SIGH! To cure my boredom, I’ve started reading some books. I think TWILIGHT & NEW MOON are over-rated. Maybe these kind of books aren’t my cup of tea. I also think hangul, korean language is much more difficult to learn compared to Japanese. At least Japanese still has some chinese words in kanji but hangul is soo soo hard nevertheless  INTERESTING at the same time. yep.

BTW, wonder if everyone is turning up for the PROM. I am so crossing my fingers….hope everything turns out well! 🙂

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OUCH. I am so appalled at the comments I got from my last post just because I said SNSD should move over and that PARK GA HEE is hawt. I’m actually very amused and it’s true after all that netizens are scary when it comes to defending their favourite idols. I didn’t even imagine that even mentioning about SNSD would provoke such ridiculous comments saying that I was dirrrty to write about park ga hee. HELLO? I think it’s perfectly fine for someone 29 to act her age and be sexy. So it’s not all right for ppl in late 20s to dress and act their age but it’s ok for 18 year olds to wear sexy and act cute? And to those who wrote the comments, aren’t you sickening as well because you like seeing someone who’s old enough to be your daughter dancing and prancing about in short skirts. ( even if they’re plastic.HOHO) I’m assuming that you are a bunch of ahjusshis with poor english grammar even when giving comments. hur hur.

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