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Ok…I’m still laughing at the way the japs pronounce BigBang as in BIGKA BAND. It’s funny. The boys are now more active in Japan cos I saw this variety show and their single ” My Heaven” is now NUMBER 3 on the oricon charts! Not bad…

Big Bang was suppose to meet fans ( they call them VIPs) at a Japan Venus Fort event to promote their single “My Heaven”. They were expected about just 400 people and 2000 peeps turned up!!! For safety reasons the event was cancelled just after 5 minutes!

Check out the craze. I love TOP=) He reminds me of SPOCK from startrek.


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I just turned down another student for tuition.

That’s a total of 5 students I turned down this year cos I feel that I cannot teach best to my ability since now that I’ve started working. =(

However still keeping Shin. hehe the boy’s such a joy!

omg my bro is so irritating playing the guitar when its almost 12mn. BARFFF~~

I’m not an animal lover & now comes the taking care of zebra fish. At times I wonder am I really getting a solo project cos by the looks of it, it seems that there’s gonna be more than 3. tsk tsk tsk. & ppl say I look the type that can handle stress & give ppl stress at the same time. Really? Umm..reflections, reflections.

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Even though I get my weekly dosage of 2NE1’s FIRE which I thought was gonna be extinguished soon but hell no. This mnet performance really brought 2NE1 to a new level. The feeling is very different and CL is killing it. Man I love her attitude. She’s sporting bangs with those fierce glasses! (look a bit like solbi?) Minzy is the most talented and amazing makne~ omo the spilts!

Lady GAGA performed too but I wasn’t interested.

GO 2NE1!!! Are they gonna rip 4minutes apart?

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SO tired

So tired today. I was in such a frantic because everything was like going wrong today. Did wrong experiment. Broke some thing. Lost a sample and press the prep hplc wrongly causing slow flow rate and repairing the waters hplc machine as well as the savant. And so many purchases to take care off and not to mention my greatest fear is something happening to the solvent store room cos its so flammable duh.

Man, by the end of this year I better be damn pro with all these machines!

Came home wash up dead beat and ready to sleep.

But……..dad woke up me up at 9pm and ask me why I not eating dinner. Told him I very tired (since I was watching 2 hours of FO subs the previous night only sleep at 230am)

Dad was like ” What do you mean tired? There’s a whole life time of work for you to do!” which is so true as I’m still trying to get used to the whole working life. So I ate the dad cooked. It’s hard to ignore how nice my dad has been in the absence of my mom. So had pumpkin soup with sea food and breaded chicken for dinner which means I can’t sleep since I have a full stomach and thus giving me the excuse to blog.

I realized how patient and nice my DT Cara had been. It’s the third week and I’ve lost my top at the fyp students.

SO since I can’t sleep shall go watch star golden bell! ciao~ Not gonna do update on the K-world cos Im too tired!

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Woah…I must really be getting old, keep forgetting stuff and feeling aches on my body lately. Work has been all right so far, I realized there’s so much more I need to learn and just thankful that I have a job so I’m hesitating whether I should pull off all my tuition classes. Sigh!

Mom has flown off for 2 months. My dad ends up cooking and DADA’s the greatest dad in the world because tell me whose dad would be so passionate in making breakfast & dinner for his kids? Like literally sweat himself in the kitchen? So touched…actually it’s my duty to do all the chores since Mom will be gone for 2 months…but these few days like keep reaching home late. So I’m making up by doing all the chores in the weekends. There’s mad cleaning and ironing to be done. I did the cooking today and my bro cried because I asked him to help me pound onions. LOLS. It was kinda fun lah until he overdid it by doing the SNSD GEE DANCE in the kitchen. I could have died laughing! hohoho.

Ever since work started, my appetite has been on the rise it’s so scary. It’s like I get hungry so easily and eat like 4/5 meals. I guess working does make you hungry! Here I go need comfort food again! ciao~

& dang- I need frames for my paintings. Where to get cheap frames?

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Probably the funniest thing I’ve watched this past week. How rare to get Hugh Jackman and Danial Henny on a local variety show???!!! This was a while back when they came to Seoul to promote Xman Wolverine Origins. I couldn’t stop laughing after this and I think all my stress just subsided.

Watch it! You’ll be impressed with the female Korean comedians! I like how Hugh Jackman is so sporty with all of them!

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