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I tired with tuition classes.
Tired of work.
Tired of chores.

Need to do massive clean-up before the queen arrives on Friday flight. AHHHHH! Ok panic mode. Yamone’s room is in a mess =(.

Will not be updating anytime soon.


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Congrats to the girls. There’s gonna be lots of girl groups competition this half end year! I’m still obsessed with their fashion. Did anyone notice that CL is usually clad in a swimsuit but she pulls it off like it’s a tank top? Wicked all limited edition stuff! Love the way she thanked PAPA TEDDY!!!

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The girls are rocking it even with live vocals. MIRYO so hawt!!! The shades actually light up!!! SO COOL! Why are rappers of the group ever the hottest? She reminds me a lot of TOP from bigbang! Here’s the live comeback!

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So much for the harry potter movie. I AM HOOKED ON THIS SONG. The MV is so freaking HAWT~~~

Brown eyed girls have brought up the sexiness to a whole new level. I’m totally digging Ga-in’s short hair. She’s looking darn good. Narsha is hawt as always but she is rocking that short wig and red lip stick and with long locks and gold mini dress as well. Miryo never fails to bring in the charisma, awesome rapper! Love her sitting with hair slick back and holding on to the cane. I hope this don’t get banned on Korea’s music shows.Won’t spoil the lesbian kiss though.

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Bored to death…

What happens when yamone can’t go out because the doc says ” You cannot go out and start spreading your flu to everyone…even during the weekends” Kinda weird but I’m beginning to miss lab work!

Boredom kicks in and there’s no stopping from looking at shoes online. Shoes have never looked this yummy before.

SO pretty...
Red & White I LIKEpastry_chocolate_cherrypastry-shoes-cheetah-grape-fab-cookie-boots

I love this a lot.

I love this a lot.


Someone bring these shoes to Singapore already!Urgh.

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What the heck. I wanna buy so many things but like all not available in singapore. BARF.=(
Maybe its just luck cause that way, I won’t be spending money.

Having dizzy spells like having seasick and nauseating. Fever subsided hope can go sch tml.

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and yesh. The worst which I was dreading has finally occurred. IM SICK. argh I hate being sick. You can’t talk properly, you can’t eat properly, you feel hot and cold and just ARGH. My frustrations.

Work has been going ok. Haven’t done anything disastrous. YET. Instead of feeling like a researcher, I feel like I’m an engineer… trying to decipher what the heck is wrong with the machines. Sometimes I have the urge the dismantle everything…hoho. Feel like a walking tool box with so many stuff in my lab coat. But at last, managed to persuade my supervisor to give me a solo project. YAY!

I have also overcome my phobia of fishes. YEAH I hate fishes…even though I like eating them. I hate the domestic fishes. Like the goldfish & guppy. So slimy,and the scales with their huge eyes just irks me to the core. But now that I’m working with zebra fishes, I think they’re quite all right. I’ve even begun to fishtalk~ It’s quite amazing I’m learning something new everyday.

I’m glad that Amanda’s still around to help Vicky. I don’t know what I’d do without her. She is a very good worker, meticulous and all with slow working pace. I’ve come to realize that my 3 supervisors working styles are very different. Just the other day my supervisors asked me if I’m interested to extend my contract and be TSO. But it has only been a month since I’ve started working. That would be too weird if I just jump from DT to TSO.I need to set my priorities straight cause right now I just wanna work a year and get my degree. It kinda sucks when you have money but it’s in a frozen account. =(

I miss my mom. I have to many things to tell her. Come back please?

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