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And I was worried how G-D was gonna pull this off being solo.This is hot. ARHHHHH such insanity I love it. THE FASHION~~ *faints*
The silver hair, the bleached hair, the make-up.Is that a Jeremy scott red blazer? The diced pants, the dragon’s blood black earring, the sun glasses, the DR DRE headphones, the man-skirt. A thousand and one reasons why G-D is the fashionistar! Most of all I like how he writes his music and for Big Bang as well!


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I’m hooked.

CL rocks.

A very different sound from G-dragon but it’s soothing.

Sounds like Flo Rider BUT I’m sure G-D will exceed expectations!

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Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready?

Omg, I feel like I’ve waited 10 years for this album to come out, so exciting. Can’t wait to hear all the songs from G-D’s new album! YG released the concept shots and they’re so gender bender but I still like it. I spy more jeremy scott wear! I wonder why I never joined art.


Collaboration with Kim Gun Mo and it sounds really good. Can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of the songs.

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