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Mnet Asian Music Awards 2009

Thank god for live streaming. So exciting watching it and can’t wait for 2NE1 musical!

GD shaved his head and brought GAHO for red carpet. wth. hahas. back to watching!

JAYBUM chants all the way. so touching.

2NE1 musical watch it here!

And the best performance of the night was rocked by all female rappers. KUDOS TO TASHA & MIRYO. They killed it! Baby J was all right but hyuna and jiyoon were fresh I guess. They should have included CL and minzy.


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Wth yamone…

You know you’re becoming a nerd when…..

– you enthusiastically search for literature online and feel excited to share your findings with your students

– you spend over 100 bucks buying books

– you start to speak scientifically and make people around you want to bring you back to earth.

– you start to ponder what experiments or protocols you can modify and play around

– when you carry a screwdriver and a spanner in your lab coat

– also when you have the sudden urge to dismantle machines in your lab because they’re not listening to you

– when people start asking you why your lab coat resembles a Doremon pouch

– and finally……WHEN KHONG MING CALLS YOU A NERD!!!@@$#%#%

wth a nerd calling a nerd…..tsk tsk tsk!

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YG must be finally doing something right these days by putting out all these singles. From Taeyang’s ” Where you at” to Park Bom’s ” You & I”
now…we have Big Bang new single from the land of the rising sun. Oh TOP, you teases so bad. HAHAHAHHAHAS.

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