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Giving up

Think jona was right.

Shouldn’t yearn for the forbidden fruit or I’ll just hurt myself. Shall forget all about it and just be ignorant as the saying goes, ignorance is bliss!


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Get Wasted

My heels broke………….BOO HOO HOO/
and that can only means shopping~~~~~……..YAY~

After washing up at suyin’s place, my eye got really RED. I HOPE ITS NOT A FUNGAL INFECTION! tsk tsk tsk…

Slept in suyin’s room for the first time in my life. So much for waking me up at 9am. That woman was so freaking tired, I woke up at 7 by myself, washed up and read the newspaper. Surprised didn’t get a hangover. Suyin’s MOM is DA BOMB. She so niceee send me home early in the morning!!! now why can’t all moms be like that? so understanding. and she says it’s all right to get wasted once in a while!
FELT superrr bad for giving everyone trouble!

peace out while I try to wrestle chinese with my tuition kids =)

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