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Uni matters drive me nuts

YEP you got it. I’m going bonkers going through every booklet from the package of UOM just because I want to be equipped with everything I need to know before I make my next move. Parents are leaving me alone as usual, ensuring that I’m practicing my full fledged in-dependency. I don’t blame them but have to thank them because that made me grow up. I have exactly a week to settle everything from deposits, bank drafts and accommodations.

I know some will say what for prepare so early but I need to assure myself. After all, I will be alone all by myself when I reach there. Might as well get everything prepared so I don’t need to worry. I even thought of what club to join!!!!! All these reading making me a little stressed up. Need to go gym real soon to de-stress!

Peace out. Hope everything will be all right. =)


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Currently superr addicted to TOUYOU BAD APPLE and shadow art. It’s makes me go WOAHHHHH like a little kid.

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Too many surprises.

I never thought I would have many surprises this year.
Of all the surprises, suyin’s surprise was more like a heart attack.

Got kidnapped. Blindfolded in her car. Dragged over the drain and didn’t even know where we were. And that woman took pictures while driving! But that wasn’t the heart attack. My heart almost literally stopped when she told me that she was gonna introduce me someone important in her life. Like chan su yin had a bf???!! LIKE SINCE WHEN AND SHE DIDN”T even mention once. I was peeved and pissed. and she knew that. Oh yes she did, and instead asked if I’d like wine. I was quite dumbfounded in my impotent fury but yea, I didn’t mind a glass of wine if that was to help me subside my anger. Then I started interrogating and grilling her. She was nervous and couldn’t answer my questions. Then I began to question myself if I was too harsh.

But within seconds she couldn’t control her laughter and someone shoved balloons in my face to my utter disgust. IT was none other than that Jona and Jeanna duo. Surprised I was cos I thought I was only having a lesbian date with her. HAHHAHAHAS. I can’t believe I was so naive to think that suyin would have a bf. After that, I was too happy and couldn’t stop laughing and smiling the whole night. Great wine, great food and best of all, GREAT COMPANY. Thank you people for making my pri,sec and teenage life enjoyable. Love the shoes too!

So many people made me happy this month.
Thank you Amanda to take your time off from work to bring me out to dinner and surprise me with WAWA. I missed you girls like loads. and thank you for the cutsy stuff which I have never owned in my entire life. =)

Many thanks to wanrong who actually MANAGED TO DECEIVE me saying that her friend was joining us for dinner and I asked if the girl was pretty and she says yes. the “friend” turned out to be my fyp student Ying rui and Adeline Wong! The funny thing was all along I asked them to join us for dinner and they say they can’t cos they have to do chinese new year shopping! Thanks for the choc cake and the lovely meal to settle our sashimi cravings!

Best of all thanks to MOM, OH GREAT MOM for going through labor pains to give birth to this stubborn girl. We went shopping and she PAID for everything. Pretty guilty for taking advantage of a housewife. KEKEKE.

YAMONEE DOES NOT NEED TO CHIP IN FOR THE NEW ELECTRIC GUITAR. sweet. My bro’s not such a nuisance after all when he’s not admiring himself in the mirror and asking me to touch his “biceps”

I love my life.

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