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There’s nothing I don’t like about 2NE1.
The girls are back and so fierce, they are on a whole new level. I love how they are breaking away from the norm of the recent “dark concepts” that other girl groups are portraying. 2NE1 are just plain out to have fun. From the daring costumes pulled out by CL ( the polka dot bob), to the funky make-up and weird dance steps, DAEBAK!!!!!
I think they are just gonna gain more international fans. The costumes are actually quite limited and expensive because I notice a few pieces and some looked like their stylist had too much creative juice going on.
I LOVE THE STAR WARS PARAODY! My fav part of the mv. Did anyone notice and weed backdrop?


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Annoying like crap.

I’m getting extremely frustrated for some reasons.
SUPERR emo last week due to so many stupid things that happened. And and….I don’t enjoy getting overseas phone calls at all!!!!!

Do you know how silly it is to behave all so girly, putting on fake smiles and having fake conversations. I can’t be who you want me to be…..
I just hope that my mom stays by her word. I don’t even understand what’s all the fuss about. Am I even worth it?

The earlier I leave, the better. Then, I don’t have to bother about such dilemmas.

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