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Love school

I was reading shawty’s blog where she posted a musical piece, FATE OF THE GODS and it brought back memories when I was playing the french horn in my secondary school band. That actually reminded me how fast we’re all growing up and soon about to enter different chapters of life. Take example for this batch of FYP students. I have enjoyed their company greatly because of ahem… their individualistic “talents”. Everyday is such a waste of time yet a serious session of learning new terms and improving our social interactions. I really have to say that, EVERY BATCH IS TRULY DIFFERENT.

Interestingly, I have been trying all sorts of activities lately. From kickboxing to playing tennis, I want to enjoy all I can before I leave because I know I will have to push my guts out studying when I go UNI. I’m seriously going to be homesick. Need mental preparation but I know I’ll be able to adapt well because I can’t shut my big mouth even to act cool. HUR HUR.

1 more month left till I leave my school labs.


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I must have done really good stuff in my previous life to be treated this well in this life.
Got a really big red packet from cuzzie and that made me really uncomfortable because I hate accepting money or even loaning from people. Also, I didn’t know that I had such presence to affect people around me. It’s a little scary when you find out that people actually think you as their role idol and they think you’re worth it. I mean really? Me? I must be doing something right. Urgh!!!! I hate high expectations and it gives me this invisible pressure. I often ask myself what strengths do I possess to give such a vibe. I don’t even find myself excelling in anything. =(

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