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So Touching!

This new google ad just brought me chills and tears.


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TOP aka Tempo from BIG BANG is back with solo! He is the last from his boy band to produce a solo work. The newly released MV might have just killed me a little and can I complain about too much galliano? If G dragon’s MVs were a feast to the eyes and ears, then TOP’s MV is just pure lust. Wonder how much YG paid for all the white models and accessories. Once thing I’m loving is the luxurious suits. No one pulls it off as well as TOP.

Just for comparison, GD’s MV

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I’ve been sick so I haven’t exercise for a week! I reckon during these week I put on like 4 pounds. There is seriously something wrong with my taste buds that I have the tendency to keep eating whatever that will satisfy my taste buds. I keep craving for all these weird food from the sour to the spicy food, I even drank honey which was hidden in a whiskey bottle. My dad is weird! After eating, my whole body just gets lethargic. I’m not sure if it’s the medicine at work or just my evil lazy self at work who just wants to roll in bed.

I reallyyyyyyyyy need a good workout!

Why am I not at all excited about my trip?

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One of my favourite hip hop group, EPIK HIGH has just produced a new boy band called INFINITE. Looks like everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of creating all these new pop idols to produce new cash cows. Debut song is called ” Come Back Again” I like what I’m seeing and what I’m hearing. Choreography is awesome. Dances are clean cut and precise. Voice is meh but the song is pretty catchy considering it’s being produced by TABLO and MITHRA.

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