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That just shows how much dependent Singaporeans are on the internet. My landlady doesn’t use internet and she has dial-up. Like that’s what I used when I was in pri sch? I could purchase and wireless modem with a plan but I’m kinda tight on my finances and want to save every penny I can. I’ll just use the internet in school.Thank god I have many shows in my hard disk to drive to me sleep at night. And after talking to you every night I would feel sleepy too! HAHAS.

Speaking of my landlady, she is superr nice. She’s more of family than a landlady. I feel blessed having my own room, fridge always filled with food and there is food on the table when I get home. However, the public transport expenses are killing me. It’s like $6.80 daily for me to go to sch and back. Damn. That’s like daylight robbery! I also don’t understand why international students are not entitled to concession. HELLO>>? We pay school fees much more than the locals? It’s so unfair! Oh well…I’ll just work around my finances and hopefully can get a job. I do feel that I have become a lot more anti-social after reaching here. I think I’m becoming in introvert! Might as well then I can fully focus in school.

I haven’t joined any clubs or societies for fear of practice hours. School gym is expensive too! OMG. Like 220 bucks for a semester of membership. Like what nonsense, can’t they just make it free for students? At this rate I’ll definitely return Singapore like a big fat lump of dough.  Now I have no confidence if I can stay here and adjust to the aussie life after graduating!

I want to write somemore but my batt is running out! Just uploaded pics on fb so do check them out! Till next time..ciao~


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I have a major crush on Lee Hyori. I don’t know how she works that charm without much talent. I’m not saying she’s not talented. Girl has come a long way since FIN.K.L days. Despite the saturation of female singers in kpop, Hyori is still number 1 when it comes to sexiness. If only every one can look that good once they hit 31, it’ll be world domination for the females!

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Yesterday my brother asked my mom to buy some luncheon meat before going to the market. So my mom asked my dad if he wanted luncheon meat too. My Dad thought my mom was swearing with the word lan jiao. LOLS.

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I hate countdowns. Just like the countdowns before PSLE, O Levels and every sickening new year’s eve. Maybe I’m just not that in a good mood because it’s going to be like 8 freaking days before I leave Singapore and I don’t know when I’ll return.Paranoia kicked in and I’m worried about everything. From the transportation to homesickness to whether I’ll have internet for my favourite mangas and lastly, my finances. I’ll remember Dr Guo’s words. She has taught me to be thick skinned and independent. So far I’ve been too lucky in life to experience any difficulties.

So, back to the countdown. As the day gets nearer, I feel sick. It’s like having tapeworms in your tummy. I don’t feel like eating and I can’t sleep. However, I have been busy meeting up with people and spending time with my loved ones. Hence, my diet isn’t going very well especially due to frequent outings. Oh to hell with that! Anyway, it’s been really pleasant meeting up with Shu Fung, Wawa and Amanda. I don’t know when I will be meeting you guys again. I had a great time with them at the k box session and a very filling dinner after that! You have provided me with wonderful memories in my poly life. To meena-chan as well, I’m glad I met up with you before you leave India. I might even go India one day! Thank you all for sticking with a weirdo like me. I’m not going to say goodbye because this ain’t a goodbye!

To my dear shawty, probably the one last person on Earth who reads my blog ( I assume). I wish we had met sooner. Where were you? You are like a long lost sister to me! It has only been a short span of 4 months since we met and dare I say our relationship is close to years of friendship. Why does it seem like an eternity when I don’t even meet you for a day? Omg, I can’t believe I’m actually typing this. Yeah, we have grown so close it’s almost unbearable to leave. I shall see you in unimel in the future. Or perhaps in a few months time 🙂

I think I’m going to miss fighting with my brother too. I’ve gotten so used to kicking his ass and pulling his pants down to antagonize him. I’d miss having battle scars and bruises from all the fights of trivial things. To my other friends whom I did not mention, you guys have a place in my heart too! I’m just not the emotional type so yeah. Right, and now I shall have to pack some more stuff. =(

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