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Oh…the day will come and we can begin where we had to end
You’re my only true friend, I can’t forget you
Long talks and lazy days

I remember those times, I remember all our favorite soongs
Oh, fate can be so hard
There’s an empty space in this old heart of mine

If only we could go back to then
Yes, turn back the hands of time, my friend
And count the stars in the sky again
If only we could go back to then

Do you know there’s a place waiting for you
A special place in my heart and my life
Yes, a beautiful place waiting for you
When you come home, we’ll turn back the time

I have all your letters
And a box full of memories, my friend
But the only thing I need, is you with me
Together once again

I’m so sad I could cry, though I know, there’s nothing I can do
You chose red and I chose blue, did what we had to
But I’m still missing you

Maybe we could go back to then
If only we could turn back again
Cause hey, we’re special best of friends
This song is for you and me ’til then

Please know there’s a place waiting for you
A special place in my heart and my life
Yes, a beautiful place waiting for you
When you come home let’s turn back the time

-The Brilliant Green


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Funny human beings

Haven’t been updating much so shall do so cause I know you will be reading.
My last couple of posts had been about rantings and I thought I should be more positive.

The lectures in UOM are great. It’s really quality learning which never fails to amuse me and actually make me look forward to it each day. Take example for my subject Drugs that Shape Society. The lecturers are kinda too enthusiastic but I’m not complaining since that kinda keep me awake in lectures. We have a pharmacologist, a biochemist and a lawyer. They are really sarcastic! And the law lecturer swore in class! Like so many f-words and all the students laughed. He is so animated. Walks around bare foot and use transparencies to teach! So much for high tech huh?

The virology lecturer is kinda george clooney dreamy attractive. Gosh how do these people remember all sorts of mechanisms of viruses.

On another note, I spoke to my mom and she told me no point coming back after first semester but come back after second semester instead. Also, she doesn’t want me to rush my subjects even though I told her that I could finish my degree in a year. That just confirms my conclusion that she really doesn’t want me to settle down in Singapore. This is total freedom which means from now on, I’m going to be forging my own life.

Missing you people.

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Anti-social being

Joe was right! It is hard to adjust to a new environment and showing interest to someone without considering the non-superficial factor.

I may become anti-social after all.

I’ve been reading your letters and I ended up crying every time after reading. What is this? Since when have I become so emotional. I’m suppose to be cold. Bleah.

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