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The Chocolate Economy

No I have not changed my major into economics or finance accounting and it does not have anything to do with my recent cravings for chocolates caused by last minute rushing of assignments.  It is merely an observation in my virology class of how students would only answer questions when chocolates are thrown at them, even so if they knew the right answers! Oh I felt lucky today to obtain Prof Damien’s textbook! Saved me 300 bucks! Ah yes, he’s the HIV expert in the fantasies of my female peers.-.-

At last I can heave a sigh of relief after completing my assignments. However I believe the events of the past week had succeeded in keeping me on toes, constantly making me feel like my essays were pieces of juvenile art work. When I looked at my classmates assignments, they were full of statistics and sophisticated English whereas mine was just pure argumentative dialogues of self-opinions. I’m not sure if skeptism and sarcasm works in drugs and sociology essays. There is so much reading to do, it makes me feel dumb in school sometimes.   Also, I realised that the locals enrolled in UOM are really the cream of the crop and that it’s actually hard to get into UOM for them. I finally understood why my friends are always asking me how come I’m never worried about school work. It’s precisely because I haven’t done as much studying as I should be. Perhaps I’m exaggerating but it’s mainly because I have never been a mugger. Even in poly without the push of people like Meena and Shu Fung, I would have probably just waned into thin air. That’s the thing; I’ve always managed to stick with the right group of people who had subconsciously motivated me all along. At present, it’s probably because I don’t have a clique and I have been constantly pushing people away from me. I really have to be more self-reliant on motivating myself.

Surprisingly, during the past week I have discovered something about myself. It’s amazing how my biological clock has become totally versatile. With naps of 20 mins, I have been able to stay awake for days, something which I do not hope to experiment again.  I was even alert in lectures and giving full attention like never before.

I’m going to be making good use of my spring break. I don’t even hope to ace in virology anymore, it’s going take loads of work just to pass. Toodles till next time ciao~


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It hurts.

KPOP is doomed so these girls better not disappoint me.

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It’s week 7. WEEK 7!!!

Hell and I am not done with any assignments. Keep telling myself that there is no time for literacy experiments but I still find it a challenge to write 2000 word essay without widening my perspectives. It’s all right, I’ve convinced myself to take things slow and steady as I feel there is a need to undergo critical review process. I certainly do not want to have fatuousness expressions in my essays. I really have to ban myself from the one and only distraction; the internet. Things were a lot better when I didn’t have internet the first few weeks.

Joe has gone back. I’m really glad I met him before he went back. It was like losing my last sense of familiarity. I can’t wait to return to Singapore next year and see my old friends. I’m still trying to tune in with my new friends. I hate the fact that you have to appear interested in people to be a part of a social circle.It’s redundant. Something must be wrong with me. I also feel like I have the Imposter syndrome. Wonder if anyone feels the same way as I do.

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