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This sucks.

I wish I was there with you.

I should have and could have done something special but it ain’t the same.

I really  hope to make it up for you when I get back.


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Lazy bones

Darn it’s hard keeping 2 journals. My lazy bones are just rebelling from picking up a pen and updating my carbon journal, reasonably because I have just finished my test. Oh the test was so terrible, horrible and vegetable, just like how I commented on Su yin’s facebook. I seriously hope I’ll pull through. I came out from the hall thinking, darn I’m dumb and all the studying didn’t help much. Perhaps I’m dumb after all and may not be cut out for studying. Like how I was telling Su yin I was never studious and went to poly because of that. I’ll also never be one of those people who excel in memorizing every god damn detail to their memory ram. How do people go through medical school???!!!  I’m crossing my fingers, hoping I would pass. So if anyone happens to be reading my blog, better wish me luck! I do feel a little demoralized, reflecting that perhaps I haven’t prepared enough and could have done better.

At least one is down, major exams in late November, then summer. I hope I’ve made the right choice not going back, although I still miss a lot of people back in Singapore. Yes, it’s a sacrifice but a price to pay for quality education that I pursue. Hmmmm…now if only monetary issues weren’t such a big concern.

So break’s over and back to school. How silly I was to not change my timing and missed my first lecture of spring. That would be the second lecture I have missed this sem. It always makes me feel guilty when I miss lectures considering the fact that my one subject costs three times of tuition fees of one sem in poly. Drats. I should really start pulling my socks. Getting motivation from my new hero Bear Gylls from MAN VS WILD. There is something awfully attractive about a man peeing on his shirt just to wrap around his head to keep it cool, trying to survive in the desert. This show makes my heart pound faster than a horror film!

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