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I am suppose to go to my aunt’s place to help with the preparations for the party tomorrow but I’m feeling pretty happy to be typing this in the morning.

You are awesome. Yes. You know you are. You didn’t have to get me any extravagant gifts to show me that. I’m already well aware of that and that you will always be that one special friend in my life. THE BEATLES. WOW> Just because of a remark that I said if The Beatles were to be alive today and I would totally be a groupie for them, you bought me the whole discography of 13 albums. My hands were literally shaking when I opened the wrapper. It’s so AHHHHHHHH! Yeah, that’s how I felt. I felt like screaming my ears out.

Buying me such a expensive gift did made me ask myself some questions. I mean, I don’t think I would even buy such a luxury item for myself. You’re just too nice to me and I appreciate it. I am going to listen to it everyday! 🙂

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Size does matter!

It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve come back to Singapore. 2 BLOODY WEEKS. okies. I just hate to go back and then its back to uni life. Still haven’t met up with various people like Jona, Jeanna, Wawa, Shu fung and Amanda. WHAT the heck have I been doing? Oh yeah, finding a part time job, spending time with old people, shopping with my mom and letting a group of housewives decide on when I should get married and critique on my single status over tea. BLEH. What is wrong with these people? Is it a crime for someone attractive to be SINGLE?!!

Fortunately for me, my mom asked me not to pay the slightest attention. Good for me. She says there’s no hurry and girls these days do not need guys to survive. HAHAHAHA! Trust my mom to tell me that. She certainly has become more open minded. Speaking of open minded, I don’t know how but we started to talk about size of penises. MMMMmmm, oh yes, it was because of my brother who shamelessly walks around the house wrapped in a towel and he changes in front of me, as if he’s still in camp! Guess the ego-centrism runs in the family. So my mom was commenting how my brother’s penis has gotten so big and  she is pleased that he will be able to satisfy his wife when he gets married. Wow, I didn’t think mothers would be that proud of their sons genitals. HAHAHAHS. That was funnyyyyyyyyyyyy.

I hope I get that job of sitting around in the office and talking to people =) I need some moolah!

I miss you and I’m thinking of you….heh heh.

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I am back on the sunny island and it hasn’t really been sunny. Rain rain rain all day long and this has disrupted my routine of evening runs. Perhaps I should just run in the mornings. Past week has been tiring, meeting people and accompanying loved ones. I’m glad I’m back. I need to find work. I’m gonna work my ass off so I can forget and put my thoughts of other things aside. It’s hard.

It’s been really hard. There are always several logical options to choose but matters of the heart cannot be reasoned with bare logic as I’ve learned. I’m the knot that has to be untied and my indecisiveness will hurt everyone. I’m….lost. Going out with one would mean the betrayal of trust for another. Obviously escapism is not an answer but it seems like the easier route to take. The ironic thing is even that would mean hurting everyone as well, but it hurts me the most.

Hurt. I don’t know what’s going to happen but I’ve made my stand. If only I could clone myself. I don’t want to be burnt.

It hurts and I’ve started crying myself to bed which has never happened before.=( Can I really leave things like how they are right now? Only time would tell…

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