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Good news, everyone.

I miss FUTURAMA. Wonder what are the script writers doing, not a single episode has been uploaded since December holidays episode.

Anyhow, my parents asked me to come back for winter holidays even though its only 3 weeks. Damn, I have been spending a lot of money on this whole overseas education that I feel guilty everytime I eat out.I should sign up for frequent flyer since I accumulate 12000 miles everytime I go and come back.

The boxing lesson sucks, mainly because the gloves stink and they don’t fit well. I’m wondering if I should buy a pair myself but I’m afraid it will just get chucked somewhere like my squash racket. Talking about chucking, many things get chucked away in my life just due to my ignorance. Bleh, can’t help it since I’m getting old. NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT….everyday eating like princess here. Yesterday, Aunty lili roasted pork. It was bloody good with the crispy skin accompanied by smooth gravy and cheese veggies with rosemary baked potatoes. The only surprising incident was the smoke alarm going off due to too much smoke in the kitchen. It certainly startled me while I was trying to study upstairs. I wonder what my parents are eating. Miss them so. I guess when I find work in Singapore, I’ll definitely have to give them back lots of money.




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I’m busy.

Boxing and school work keeps me busy these days which is a good thing really. It makes it much easier to forget you and not to think of you. I hope I can come back during winter. I certainly do not want to feel cold and lonely.

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