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Science society is weird. First, there was free beer in a beaker. IN A BEAKER?!! No thank you, the last time I used a beaker was for putting in waste media and and bleach to kill bacteria. If it wasn’t for Sarah, I would never have realized that their membership cards were the exact replicas of some Children Volunteer club except, some tweb added a picture of pedo bear in the back ground. Someone from the public thought that it was the REAL children volunteer club card and boy are they in lots of trouble. AHHAHAS!

Darn Woolsworth for selling their chips so cheap, 3 packs of Doritos for 5 bucks. All the more made me wanna buy and now Im regretting it. Argh, I should not have given into temptation! Oh well, I suppose it’s a well deserved break after all the tests and all that furballs of hair I dropped when I was preparing for exams, eek.

This semester has been passing rather quickly but I’m not really complaining. I must stop trying to be a minimalist because afterall, I’m pretty dumb compared to other uni students! Should really start bucking up. Sometimes I just feel like I’m not cut out to be studious. Meh.

Everyone seemed to be in a good mood during practical today. My left lab partner is getting married during winter break (SO YOUNG!) and my right lab partner’s usually a know-it all bitch but she’s got a new boyfriend so she started singing song, while I was doing ELISA -.-  ….at least I didn’t spill Herpes virus on someone’s lab book. Hur hur. Toodles.

8 more weeks. =)


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