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Apparently I got wasted. Drank most of the red wine with 2 ciders. Kissed 2 girls. Slept on someone’s boobs and lie on someone’s thighs. Hugged my 2 guy friends who got freaked out and typed gibberish on msn.

I such a lousy drinker.


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That’s what my psychology friend calls it.

I don’t know what’s got into me, I skipped school today. After all the partying, pranks and lazing around over the weekends, just because I gotĀ  sick of ppl saying that I’m anti-social. Hur hur. So instead of studying complement proteins and pathogenic strains of E.coli, I woke up at noon, ate lunch and read a novel. Then I started crying non-stop and I have no idea why. A perfectly logical person likeĀ  me tearing up. URGH.

I think too much about stuff. That’s what I do and it saddens me. I see an expiry date everywhere and every time I’m with someone.

FUCK. I should just concentrate on my studies for now.

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