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It’s been months since my last blog post. I’m not sure if I still want to keep this blog as a Korean entertainment blog because frankly, I’ve been too lazy and unmotivated to look and listen to new idol singers because it’s all too common and they’re not appealing anymore. Maybe my interests have changed. I still read Korean news but less on entertainment side and more on gender studies or societal issues.

I have been searching for a suitable job after coming back from my one month holiday in Myanmar. It’s been 3 months and I’ve probably had like 15 interviews. I am at that point of my life where the next step I take would determine my career path, therefore, I couldnt help but be a little picky about the jobs. In the beginning, I thought of  going into research because I really love science. I went for many interviews in both NUS and NTU. The pay was really meh and I wasnt sure which area would actually interest me because Science is so broad. I narrowed down to 3 areas and they were research in Microbiology, Immunology and cancer research. Even so, it’s still too broad and I didnt have confidence if I would excel in any of those areas. I also had to consider which professor to work under so I could continue my masters. Lady luck wasnt on my side because the professor I liked was relocating back to UK and the one I dont like was really an ass and I decided to withdraw from my application. I also talked to several research fellows and phd students to get a better understanding of an academia life. I therefore came to a conclusion that unless I pursue a phd, I am not going to be contributing any research or discoveries that could make a significant impact in the science community. Since I didnt have enough desire to go all the way to phd, I decided to think of other alternative career paths.

I realise that what I wanted was something more that could contribute or play a direct role in improving the quality of life for others. No , I’m not continuing to do Medicine because that would take like 4 more years of stressful schooling and I dont have the finances for it ( I did consider it if I had the financial means). Hence, I’m moving to clinical trials and have gotten a job offer from a CRO. It was that or Merck ( which was slow in offering me a job so I took the other offer). I just hope I wont get any problems from animal activists. What I definitely want from this job is to learn new technical skills that can be transferable if I move into the government sector. Afterall, qualifications are nothing with experience.



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