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It hurts.

KPOP is doomed so these girls better not disappoint me.


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I have a major crush on Lee Hyori. I don’t know how she works that charm without much talent. I’m not saying she’s not talented. Girl has come a long way since FIN.K.L days. Despite the saturation of female singers in kpop, Hyori is still number 1 when it comes to sexiness. If only every one can look that good once they hit 31, it’ll be world domination for the females!

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TOP aka Tempo from BIG BANG is back with solo! He is the last from his boy band to produce a solo work. The newly released MV might have just killed me a little and can I complain about too much galliano? If G dragon’s MVs were a feast to the eyes and ears, then TOP’s MV is just pure lust. Wonder how much YG paid for all the white models and accessories. Once thing I’m loving is the luxurious suits. No one pulls it off as well as TOP.

Just for comparison, GD’s MV

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There’s nothing I don’t like about 2NE1.
The girls are back and so fierce, they are on a whole new level. I love how they are breaking away from the norm of the recent “dark concepts” that other girl groups are portraying. 2NE1 are just plain out to have fun. From the daring costumes pulled out by CL ( the polka dot bob), to the funky make-up and weird dance steps, DAEBAK!!!!!
I think they are just gonna gain more international fans. The costumes are actually quite limited and expensive because I notice a few pieces and some looked like their stylist had too much creative juice going on.
I LOVE THE STAR WARS PARAODY! My fav part of the mv. Did anyone notice and weed backdrop?

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YG must be finally doing something right these days by putting out all these singles. From Taeyang’s ” Where you at” to Park Bom’s ” You & I”
now…we have Big Bang new single from the land of the rising sun. Oh TOP, you teases so bad. HAHAHAHHAHAS.

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And I was worried how G-D was gonna pull this off being solo.This is hot. ARHHHHH such insanity I love it. THE FASHION~~ *faints*
The silver hair, the bleached hair, the make-up.Is that a Jeremy scott red blazer? The diced pants, the dragon’s blood black earring, the sun glasses, the DR DRE headphones, the man-skirt. A thousand and one reasons why G-D is the fashionistar! Most of all I like how he writes his music and for Big Bang as well!

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I’m hooked.

CL rocks.

A very different sound from G-dragon but it’s soothing.

Sounds like Flo Rider BUT I’m sure G-D will exceed expectations!

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