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While trying to absorb all these drugs for neuropathic pain, I got hooked on the songs from the new wondergirls album. Just what I need to relax through the study breaks! The sounds are refreshing and there are definitely influences of English pop in this new album but it comes across as cute and rather addictive. My favourites includes NUSHOES and SUPERB. Thw whole album is definitely worth buying!

And for visuals sake, KIM YOO BIN”s so hot!


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TOP aka Tempo from BIG BANG is back with solo! He is the last from his boy band to produce a solo work. The newly released MV might have just killed me a little and can I complain about too much galliano? If G dragon’s MVs were a feast to the eyes and ears, then TOP’s MV is just pure lust. Wonder how much YG paid for all the white models and accessories. Once thing I’m loving is the luxurious suits. No one pulls it off as well as TOP.

Just for comparison, GD’s MV

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One of my favourite hip hop group, EPIK HIGH has just produced a new boy band called INFINITE. Looks like everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of creating all these new pop idols to produce new cash cows. Debut song is called ” Come Back Again” I like what I’m seeing and what I’m hearing. Choreography is awesome. Dances are clean cut and precise. Voice is meh but the song is pretty catchy considering it’s being produced by TABLO and MITHRA.

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There’s nothing I don’t like about 2NE1.
The girls are back and so fierce, they are on a whole new level. I love how they are breaking away from the norm of the recent “dark concepts” that other girl groups are portraying. 2NE1 are just plain out to have fun. From the daring costumes pulled out by CL ( the polka dot bob), to the funky make-up and weird dance steps, DAEBAK!!!!!
I think they are just gonna gain more international fans. The costumes are actually quite limited and expensive because I notice a few pieces and some looked like their stylist had too much creative juice going on.
I LOVE THE STAR WARS PARAODY! My fav part of the mv. Did anyone notice and weed backdrop?

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Currently superr addicted to TOUYOU BAD APPLE and shadow art. It’s makes me go WOAHHHHH like a little kid.

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YG must be finally doing something right these days by putting out all these singles. From Taeyang’s ” Where you at” to Park Bom’s ” You & I”
now…we have Big Bang new single from the land of the rising sun. Oh TOP, you teases so bad. HAHAHAHHAHAS.

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Today I went to check out the universities open house at Orchard Hotel with Amanda. Then we walked past ETUDE HOUSE and they were giving away free masks. That reminded me that Lee Minho from Boys over Flowers was suppose to make an appearance at Plaza Sing. I wished I had kept my mouth shut, before I knew it I was dragged into catching a glimpse of him with Amanda wanting to follow her IDOL. There were so MANY PEOPLE, ok I wished I had taken a picture of Plaza Sing, there was hardly space to WALK…I felt violated and squashed by the mobs of people =(( so we decided to go have lunch instead.

and Guess what…Lee Minho didn’t turn up after all probably because the security had no confidence of protecting him judging from the number of people that turned up. Free gifts were then given, some plastic files with his pretty face on them and we queued up for that as well. I felt a little silly but Amanda was so happy. I gave her my gift as well.

I may not be a fan of him but I do love the commercials that ETUDE HOUSE made and there’re so many of them! Song hyo kyo and Go Ara used to endorsed them but Park Shin Hye( Goong S, You’re beautiful) is the new endorser of the product with Lee Min ho. I wished Park Shin Hye came as well. =(


My fav couple of the moment!JSK and Park Shin Hye

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