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Yesh I’m bored again! I mean read manga, draw manga no more inspiration so get bored. My family outing no eng subs yet so I can’t watch since hangeul is horribly hard to understand. I even finished reading 2 books by Monica Dickens ( the great grand daughter of Charles Dickens). I can’t wait for 2NE1’s debut. SO HOW TO KILL THE BOREDOM???? ( Yes, even though I have a part time job of torturing tutoring kids but you know, like what Confucius says :find a job you like and you’ll never have to work a day. See why tutoring doesn’t feel like a job to me cos I enjoy it?)

So shoot me for being reckless. Say HELLO TO NEW GAWJUS

Isn't she gawjus?

Isn't she gawjus?



Wicked isn’t it? Hope the neighbors won’t complain! HAH. Hello to new hobby =)


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I wanna say I don’t like suju no more. But the teaser looks REALLY GOOD and the tune is catchy. AHHH>>>cannot resist no more. Looking forward to it!!!~~~ SIWON in white tux *melts*


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SALE of Ralph Lauren Polo tees at cheap prices!

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SHIN is so cute and entertaining as usual. Just when I took out my phone to check for messages he started getting all excited with a plate of cookies and asked me to take pics of him. He was role playing cookie monster for the day. AWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwww.








BRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr~ okies I think I’ve influenced him to much. He is too entertaining! I even asked his mom to consider signing him up for acting classes. HAHAHAHHAS. Wonder what he’ll be up to for next lesson.XD

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Today was a really fun day because of my dark chocolate tuition kid SHIN! ( Yesh, the same kid who bit my finger which he said it looked like sausage to him & he who does not believe in santa claus.)

HE is so adorkable. I cannot be angry at him for long.
Lesson 1
Shin:(pokes in my face with his puny finger)
Me: Hey! It’s rude to poke ppl’s face you know? Even more rude when the person is older than you!
Shin: But whyyyyyy?? (gave a very curious look)
Me: Well, for one, I don’t know if you hands are clean or not! What if you give me pimples?!
Shin😦 Suddenly leaves the study table and went into the kitchen…TO WASH HIS HANDS!!!!)
Shin:My hands are clean now. Can I poke your face now?

Lesson 2
Shin: T’cher, have you seen a flying fish before?
Me: Nope, only on television and books. Why? Have you seen one before?
Shin: Yeahhh!! Come I show you!
( walks to a wall and pointed to a picture he draw with crayons. A red flying fish out of blue color waterpaint)
HAHHAHAS. I swear this kid should enter the showbiz. He’s so entertaining!

After tuition went to suyin’s house and ROT. Jordan came over and we watched Iron Man & the Dark Knight. I keep screaming during the joker scenes. So disturbing!!! And…I felt so guilty eating so much. Her house is a food haven. List of things I ate today.
– PASTA which she cooked.
– mango vodka
-nachos cheese chips
– some cheery mixed pie (SO GOOD!)
I got home and ate some more!!!
– pumpkin soup.
– chives and onion cheese with crackers( my current addiction!)
– Mango Peach yogurt

I better start running!! Can’t wait for tml night. Going to a production with suyin & jordan. At least I’m keeping myself busy to cure my boredom. Because I’ll just be emo and start drawing. This is what I do when I’m totally dying of boredom.

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It’s been 2 weeks since I came back from Aussie. I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been this 2 weeks. First I had like 8 kg of excess baggage at Brisbane airport and the guy didn’t even ask me to pay for it! My friends also had excess baggage but they were asked to pay like $160 ++ which is crazy la. I felt superr luckyy! Touched down on Friday night and then it was fyp on the following Monday.

AND…………. my fyp supevisor is a burmese!!!! Moreover she’s really nice and patient unlike other supervisors who don’t care about their students. Despite having so many students under her, she still takes time to go through and explain to us on our individual projects. We even had like 2 lectures with her just to learn all the basic stuff we learnt in year 1 & 2. She’s really passionate in what she does! SO CANNOT SLACK! hahas….which is a good thing la. My project is about isolation of therapeutic natural compounds from medicinal orchid plant. Initially I thought it was gonna be a bore, but now medicinal chemistry is actually quite interesting, I’m beginning to like it a lot.

Oh yeah….and last week, after hanging out with my girls at this coffeeshop, I left my phone there. Like how stupid can I get riight? I only realised that i lost my phone when I reached home. BUT….the lady boss from the coffee shop called my house leh. omg lah…apparently the guy who served us drinks return the phone to his lady boss. SO HONEST can?? So I went back the following day to collect it. The lady boss is such a kind soul, she even helped me charge my phone. TSK TSK TSK, so there are still such kind souls who exists!!!

I hope my good luck doesn’t run out. everr.

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