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Currently superr addicted to TOUYOU BAD APPLE and shadow art. It’s makes me go WOAHHHHH like a little kid.


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YG must be finally doing something right these days by putting out all these singles. From Taeyang’s ” Where you at” to Park Bom’s ” You & I”
now…we have Big Bang new single from the land of the rising sun. Oh TOP, you teases so bad. HAHAHAHHAHAS.

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Can I go crazy now?

The new Big Bang MV just came out. I really like the song and the mv, so FREAKING ADDICITVE. But G-Dragon’s like always coming up with the same thing if you listen to Big Bang’s previous albums raps. TOP is looking HAWT as usual. I don’t like the fact that most of the rapping is in English & not in Japanese. G-Dragon has also like god knows how many different hairstyles in this mv.

I think Taeyoung & Daesung’s voices save the song. LOVING the sneakersss , the tomato sneakers. AHHHH~ and makne’s voice annoys me, I hope seungri grows out of his ” Strong Baby” days.

OKIE. The most favurite part I like about this MV is the choreograpy of the dance! At least there’s some effort in better choreography which is pretty cool! Okie, I just changed my office com  screen saver to Big Bang.XD

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