Science society is weird. First, there was free beer in a beaker. IN A BEAKER?!! No thank you, the last time I used a beaker was for putting in waste media and and bleach to kill bacteria. If it wasn’t for Sarah, I would never have realized that their membership cards were the exact replicas of some Children Volunteer club except, some tweb added a picture of pedo bear in the back ground. Someone from the public thought that it was the REAL children volunteer club card and boy are they in lots of trouble. AHHAHAS!

Darn Woolsworth for selling their chips so cheap, 3 packs of Doritos for 5 bucks. All the more made me wanna buy and now Im regretting it. Argh, I should not have given into temptation! Oh well, I suppose it’s a well deserved break after all the tests and all that furballs of hair I dropped when I was preparing for exams, eek.

This semester has been passing rather quickly but I’m not really complaining. I must stop trying to be a minimalist because afterall, I’m pretty dumb compared to other uni students! Should really start bucking up. Sometimes I just feel like I’m not cut out to be studious. Meh.

Everyone seemed to be in a good mood during practical today. My left lab partner is getting married during winter break (SO YOUNG!) and my right lab partner’s usually a know-it all bitch but she’s got a new boyfriend so she started singing song, while I was doing ELISA -.-  ….at least I didn’t spill Herpes virus on someone’s lab book. Hur hur. Toodles.

8 more weeks. =)


Good news, everyone.

I miss FUTURAMA. Wonder what are the script writers doing, not a single episode has been uploaded since December holidays episode.

Anyhow, my parents asked me to come back for winter holidays even though its only 3 weeks. Damn, I have been spending a lot of money on this whole overseas education that I feel guilty everytime I eat out.I should sign up for frequent flyer since I accumulate 12000 miles everytime I go and come back.

The boxing lesson sucks, mainly because the gloves stink and they don’t fit well. I’m wondering if I should buy a pair myself but I’m afraid it will just get chucked somewhere like my squash racket. Talking about chucking, many things get chucked away in my life just due to my ignorance. Bleh, can’t help it since I’m getting old. NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT….everyday eating like princess here. Yesterday, Aunty lili roasted pork. It was bloody good with the crispy skin accompanied by smooth gravy and cheese veggies with rosemary baked potatoes. The only surprising incident was the smoke alarm going off due to too much smoke in the kitchen. It certainly startled me while I was trying to study upstairs. I wonder what my parents are eating. Miss them so. I guess when I find work in Singapore, I’ll definitely have to give them back lots of money.



I’m busy.

Boxing and school work keeps me busy these days which is a good thing really. It makes it much easier to forget you and not to think of you. I hope I can come back during winter. I certainly do not want to feel cold and lonely.

FInal year. Bring it on!

Okayyyy, I’ve fallen sick before going back and apparently someone is stalking on me on fb and talking about me to his mom about it. Bleh. Have to take tons of medicine , double meh.

This summer has been….hmmmm indescribable. Not all of it was enjoyable, just that it did made me realize the value of some people over others. What I will bring back will be just the wonderful memories I guess. Time to move on, I suppose and focus on my studies. 8 am lectures and 5 hour practicals, triple meh. I wonder where all my drive has gone. At least i got my uni friends so it ain’t too bad.

Thank you jac, for always being there for me. You truly are a wonderful person.:)

Any ideas?

I might not be posting any posts. Period.

Too much drama, emotions involved.

Im just happy I have you in my life =)


Sometimes  I wish I could disappear to non-existence

and then I wouldn’t have to worry so much

and care so much.

This makes me hate myself sometimes

especially when  I don’t meet expectations.

I’m only human.

You deserve much more.

I am suppose to go to my aunt’s place to help with the preparations for the party tomorrow but I’m feeling pretty happy to be typing this in the morning.

You are awesome. Yes. You know you are. You didn’t have to get me any extravagant gifts to show me that. I’m already well aware of that and that you will always be that one special friend in my life. THE BEATLES. WOW> Just because of a remark that I said if The Beatles were to be alive today and I would totally be a groupie for them, you bought me the whole discography of 13 albums. My hands were literally shaking when I opened the wrapper. It’s so AHHHHHHHH! Yeah, that’s how I felt. I felt like screaming my ears out.

Buying me such a expensive gift did made me ask myself some questions. I mean, I don’t think I would even buy such a luxury item for myself. You’re just too nice to me and I appreciate it. I am going to listen to it everyday! 🙂

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